Golden Things That Have Been Sung – Ryley Walker

Golden Things That Have Been Sung is the highly anticipated 4th studio album from folk artist Ryley Walker. Walker aims to surpass the success of Primrose Green, and to start, he’s released the single “The Halfwit in Me“, an absolutely beautiful arrangement. Walker has earned himself a reputation as somewhat of a “guitar savant”, so it’s a little disappointing to hear that his vocals, not his guitar playing, are the front and center for the album. That being said, it’s in no way a bad thing, some critics are even comparing him Van Morrison.  A press release for Golden Things That Have Been Sung reads, “This is music made for the dewy magic hour when night and day have yet to meet and, as long as the song is playing, you feel might briefly leave the corporeal world with them. This is the music you might imagine the woodland animals making once the humans have left for the night. This is Ryley Walker’s coming of age.”

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4th of July – Carl Broemel

This week, Carl Broemel (guitarist for My Morning Jacket) will release his first solo album since 2010. The album is titled 4th of July, and will feature apearances from Neko Case, Laura Veirs, and Broemel’s MMJ bandmates Bo Koster and Tom Blankenship. When asked about the contents of the album Broemel responded, ““I’ve been working on this record between album cycles and tours in Nashville. Think of it as a reflective meditation examining the passage of time and how life looks now compared to the visions we’ve held onto from the past.” If you’re lucky enough to live in Nashville or Louisville, be sure find tickets to one of his shows. If you’re like the other 300 million of us living in the US, for now we’ll have to settle for his new single “Sleepy Lagoon” until Friday. Listen to the single Here and pre-order your copy of 4th of July below.

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One Day All of This Won’t Matter Anymore – Slow Club

For their newest album One Day All of This Won’t Matter Anymore, the British duo Slow Club are taking their cues from the ’70s and ’80s. “One Day is rich and nuanced, showing how Slow Club’s sonic sensibility is elastic enough to fold in an array of styles.” writes Mike Katzif of NPR. “While switching from folk (“In Waves“) to jangling rock (“Silver Morning“), pining torch song (“Sweetest Grape on the Vine“) to rollicking country (“Champion“) and even slinky disco glitz (“Tattoo“), the album remains impressively cohesive.” Listen to the entire album right now via NPR’s First Listen, and you can pre-order you physical copy below.

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Furnaces – Ed Harcourt

Furnaces is the upcoming seventh album from Ed Harcourt. Two singles have been released thus far, “Dionysus” – a deep song that confront man as the “creator/destroyer , lover/fighter”, and “The World is on Fire” – a realization of all of the shortcomings of the world, and how some of the “progressive” behaviors society has developed, are actually seeds to the destruction of society. Harcourt announced the release of his new album with a short statement that reads as follows: “I wanted to make a record that people can cry, f**k and fight to. I don’t think there are many records out like that at the moment, but all my favourite records have that, whether it’s Prince or Nine Inch Nails. I hadn’t made a record before that has this kind of danger to it.”

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