California – Blink 182

California is the seventh studio album from Blink 182. It will be their first album to feature new their new vocalist/guitarist, Matt Skiba, who will replace long-time member Tom DeLonge. Two great singles have been released thus far, lead single “Bored To Death”, and the energetic “Rabbit Hole“. Watch the video for:  “Bored To Death” & “Rabbit Hole

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Summer 08 – Metronomy

Summer 08 is the fifth studio album from English electronic group Metronomy, and is the follow up to their 2014 release Love Letters. The announcement was accompanied by the release of the single and video for Old Skool. The album was largely recorded by Joseph Mount, which he also named for the last summer he had free, and will feature guest appearances from Mixmaster Mike and Robyn. Watch “Old Skool” Here. 

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Freetown Sound – Blood Orange

Freetown Sound is the third album from Blood Orange (aka Dev Hynes). Hynes had this to say of his upcoming album:

This is a very layered and very deep record for me. There’s a lot of meaning behind all of the choices I’ve made for this one. It looks into my childhood and examines who I am at this point in my life. There are so many crazy layers to it that it’s actually quite hard to talk about it, but the record is very reflective of how my brain works. It talks a lot about sexuality and displacement and life in the city—so it’s definitely very personal, but in doing that I think it’s probably the most relatable thing I’ve ever done. Freetown Sound also has a lot to do with Freetown—the capital of Sierra Leone—which is where my dad is from. The record addresses the way Christianity was brought to West Africa and the way black households held on very tightly to Christianity because it was this beacon of hope

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blackSUMMERS’night – Maxwell

blackSUMMERS’night is the first release from Maxwell in nearly 7 years, the follow up to the similarly named 2009 release, BLACKsummers’night. The project was announced with the release of the single “Lake By The Ocean” and a previously live Q/A with the artist on his Facebook. Maxwell had the following to say regarding his new album:

I’m at the point with the album where it’s just like, with the passing of my cousin, and my grandmother, me turning 40, and being 42 now, and having a whole sort of new milestone in my life, where a lot of my mind is grown up, and I’m thinking in terms of the next 10 years.I’m just hyped. We have two and a half years of just consistent, around the world, going everywhere, traveling, doing shows…It’s funny, because I remember reading Marvin Gaye’s biography when I was, like, 17 years old, Divided Soul. He always said something that really stuck with me. He said, ‘You can rush to fail, or you can take your time to succeed.’ I’m happy that I haven’t exhausted people’s visions to the point where they’ll never want to listen to me.

Watch the video for “Lake By The Ocean” Here

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Additional releases include:

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Crush – High Water

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